Starter pack includes 1 FlightSuit of your colour choice, complementing leashette, 1 pack of liners.


These are the original FlightSuits from Avian Fashions, each one made to a high quality.

FlightSuits are cleverly disguised, soft, stretchy, reusable pet bird diapers. Your bird will be happier as they spend more time out of their cage, both in and out of the house, worry-free from embarrassing accidents (poop). When used with an Avian Fashions' Leash, they prevent dangerous fly-aways. FlightSuits are easy to put on and take off of your bird; also great for travel! The fabric is breathable and easy to clean. Coupled with our disposable liners, you can use FlightSuits over and over for years. The patented "poop-pouch" safely keeps droppings away from birds and you!

For the size chart please follow this link, or ask us if you are unsure or if your bird is not listed.

Videos found here:


Petite: Fits most: Smaller Budgies, Smaller Lovebirds

X-Small: Fits Most: Bourke, Budgie (English/Exhibition), Lovebird (most).

Jr-Small: Jr-Small: Conure (Crimson Bellied), Conure (Green Cheek – average with a girth of approx. 6"), Conure (Maroon Bellied), Starling

Small: Fits Most: Cockatiels, Scaly Lorikeets, Conures (Dusky and Jenday), Dove (ring neck) and similar.

Medium: Fits most: Indian Ringnecks, Rainbow & Red Collared Lorikeets, Caique; Conure (Maroon Bellied; Sun), Quakers; Red Bellied Parrots and similar.

Large: Fits most: Conure (Crimson Bellied), Conure (Nanday), Dove (Ring Neck, smaller), Alexandrine

Wide: Fits Most: African Grey (Timneh), Cockatoo (Goffin), Conure (Golden), Dove (Ring Neck, larger), Australian King Parrot.

Custom Wide: Fits Most: Rock Pigeon, Magpie

Wide Plus: Fits Most: Amazon (Lilac Crowned), Amazon (Panama), Cockatoo (Bare Eyed), Cockatoo (Ducorps), Galah, Crow

X-Wide: Fits most: African Grey (Congo), Amazon, Amazon (Yellow Naped), Cockatoo (Citron), Cockatoo (Lesser Sulphur Crested), Eclectus (Solomon Island)

X-Wide Plus: Fits most: Eclectus (Red Sided), Cameron (African Grey)

Jumbo: Fits most: Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Triton cockatoo, Moluccan Cockatoo

FlightSuit Starter Pack