Turn any pet bed into a soothing resting spot! Help soothe and calm your new puppy or kitten with the melodic vibration of a mother’s heartbeat.

The ingenious design of the Mother’s Heartbeat Puppy toy and Kitty Pillows create the soothing feel and sound of a maternal heartbeat.

Included with each heartbeat toy is a heartbeat device. Heartbeat device installs into the pillow’s zippered pocket. Batteries included.

Based on estimated heartbeats of the breed of the parents and puppy/kitten.

  • Medium Puppy Breed - 80-120 beats per minute. Suitable for breeds that grow up to 36KG as an adult
  • Kitten - 1 size fits all.


  • Heartbeat rhythm is specifically designed to mimic the heartbeat of a small breed size mother dog
  • Mother's heartbeat helps pets transition to their new home and reduces anxiety and stress
  • Includes a machine-washable heart-shaped pillow and heartbeat device
  • Heartbeat puppy toy helps reduce negative puppy behaviour; less barking/whining during crate training
  • Once turned on the device will automatically turn off after 8 hours.

Mother's Heartbeat Puppy Heart Pillow Medium 20cm