Silvereye in particular love our Wild Bird Energy Logs.
Chuck a few of these in a log feeder and soon enough the fine-eyed flock will find their way to your garden.


Shaped into long cylinders these energy logs, like all of our energy range, are based around sustainably sourced soya oil – there’s none of that nasty habitat-wrecking palm oil here. Instead you get 100% delicious treats ready to power up your backyard visitors.


1: Choose from peanut or berry flavouring

2: Use these to keep your Wild Bird Energy Log Feeder well stocked 3: Energy logs are known for attracting silvereye, sparrow, thrush, waxeye, blackbird and yellowhammer

4: Provides an immediate source of energy often essential for survival during breeding or winter months.




Ingredients: Vegetable fat, wheat flour, and either peanut flour or berry flavouring. High energy truffles offer wild birds an immediate source of energy essential for survival. They contain only the highest quality vegetable fat, an important element alongside traditional foods such as seed. Offer in a TopFlite Wild Bird Truffle Feeder. Sold as peanut or with berry flavouring. Ingredients: Vegetable fat, Peanut flour, Wheat flour, Berry flavouring. Bags of 6. This product can attract the following species: Blackbird Silvereye Sparrow Thrush Waxeye Yellowhammer.

Topflite Wild Bird Energy Logs or Truffles