Vetafarm Finch & Budgies Crumbles are a completely balanced extruded crumble diet specifically designed to meets the dietary needs of pet and breeding Finches, Canaries and Budgies.
Fortified with vitamins, minerals and calcium for egg formation, strong development of young and general ongoing health.

Small birds require extra nutrition to enable them to lay and rear healthy chicks. Finch and Budgie Crumbles contain extra protein, vitamins and minerals to support reproduction, and is a total feed for Finches and Budgies.

  • Formulated by avian vets and extrusion cooked for optimum digestibility
  • Balanced formula for optimum health and breeding
  • Made in Australia from fresh ingredients
  • Complete diet for Budgies, Finches and Canaries

450g BB Nov 22

2kg BB June 22

Vetafarm Finch & Budgie Crumbles