Soluvite D is a water-soluble mineral supplement that provides additional Vitamin D3, as well as 12 other essential vitamins and minerals to promote the health and breeding performance of birds housed indoors or where health improvement is required for optimum breeding results.

Limited exposure to sunlight may result in Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D has a role in the absorption of Calcium. Calcium is essential for normal growth of healthy bones in young birds and for normal eggshell formation in breeding birds.

Soluvite D is recommended for all birds on seed diets, particularly useful for birds housed indoors with limited or no access to natural sunlight.

Soluvite D should be used in conjunction with a calcium supplement, Calcivet or D’Nutrical for birds on seed diets to ensure balanced nutrition.

Available sizes: 450g


BB April 2022

Vetafarm Soluvite D 450g